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Car Electrical Problems Fixed

Your electrical problem will be solved here, and the price will be fair based on what has to be done.

Consider a specialist to estimate and repair your car electrical problem. A focused concentration on car electrical systems for over 40 years allows a greater depth of knowledge and experience that should not be overlooked.

Allow an experienced auto electrician to evaluate your car and you will get an accurate estimate. An accurate estimate is a good starting point that helps both you and the mechanic feel comfortable about how a repair will go. You need a reliable car, call the right shop to fix it.

All work is guaranteed.

Call (610) 344-7796 and we’ll fix it.

Competent Repairs Fairly Priced.
Fix your car once, and keep driving.
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Keystone Auto Electrical - Car Electrical Repairs - Philadelphia, PA - Wilmington, DE

12/06/10 Bob – Yahoo
“I’ve had lots of trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, and antique cars all my life. I recently had a truck with a power loss problem. I took it to two good mechanics I used for years, and couldn’t find answers to the problem in a three week period. Took it to Jerry and three days later the truck was running great. Very, very thorough.

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Electrical Rebuilder's Association

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Keystone Auto Electrical

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