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Car Electrical Repair

Your auto electrical problem will be fixed here, and the cost will be fair based on what has to be done. There is no car electrical problem we can’t fix regardless of how many other mechanics have tried. We stake our reputation on a no-nonsense performance guarantee with every vehicle.

We see many customers with complex auto electrical problems that tend to evade diagnosis, they tried the usual options without satisfaction, their stress and frustration is clear.

Focusing on unusual electrical trouble allows us to recognize the subtle clues which get your car fixed right the first time

If you are having an uncommon car electrical problem, and your local garage is having difficulty fixing it, consider a specialist. We have a lifetime of practice in car electrical repair.

All work is guaranteed!


Call (610) 344-7796 and we’ll fix it.

Competent Repairs Fairly Priced.
Fix your car once, and keep driving.
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Car Electrical Repair

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How Much Does It Cost?

Keystone Auto Electrical - Car Electrical Repairs - Philadelphia, PA - Wilmington, DE

12/06/10 Bob – Yahoo
“I’ve had lots of trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, and antique cars all my life. I recently had a truck with a power loss problem. I took it to two good mechanics I used for years, and couldn’t find answers to the problem in a three week period. Took it to Jerry and three days later the truck was running great. Very, very thorough.

Here are some in depth explanations of large electrical components you may like.

The starter turns stored DC electrical power from the battery into rotational motion that cranks your engine until the first fuel charge fires and the engine turns on it’s own. If you would like an in depth look into the working of the starter motor I found this old but good video.

How A Starter Works

The Battery stores electrical energy when the car isn’t running. Flooded lead acid batteries are the most common, but some special applications use an Absorbed glass mat type of battery. You can learn about batteries at this site.

Lead Acid Battery

The alternator is turned by the running engine and creates the electrical energy the car uses to run the car and all of it’s accessories, it is also tasked with maintaining the batteries chemistry and capacity. Here is a good video explanation of how an alternator works.

What Goes On In An Alternator

This is a list of some of the electrical systems in your car, some you interact with and some that are passive. We repair all of them.

• Lighting systems: Headlights, Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights.
• Heating and A/C, Electronic Climate Control Systems.
• Charging and Starting Systems.
• Battery Drain Issues.
• Wiring Problems caused by Fire or Rodents.
• Blowing Fuses and Shorted Circuits.
• Windshield Wipers, Power Window and Lock Circuits.
• Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition Problems.
• Antilock Brake Systems.
• Traction Control Systems.
• Keyless Entry and Vehicle Security Problems.
• Gauges and Warning lights.

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

Electrical Rebuilder's Association

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Keystone Auto Electrical

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