How We Troubleshoot Auto Electrical Problems

What you can expect when you call

I will ask many questions in order to understand exactly what your particular problem is. I will listen to you carefully because so often, one small detail makes all the difference in how I resolve your car’s problem.

09/20/09 Bigjimb – Citysearch
“I spent $1100 at two garages plus a Dodge dealer over the last year trying to fix an engine light problem. Then I was referred to Keystone Electrical, what a blessing. Jerry at Keystone wanted to know every detail about my engine light problem as background before he went to work. Jerry solved my Engine light problem and fixed my wiring harness wires which were cut in an attempt by one mechanic to solve my problem. And ultimately had to replace my computer as mine over the year was failing. If you have an electrical or engine light problem, go to Keystone first. Don’t waste your time and money on these mechanics that are clueless and out of their league with these difficult electrical issues. Start with Keystone... they are the BEST.”

When you bring your car for an evaluation, I recreate the scenario you described in order to make the problem occur. I want to be sure I’m addressing exactly what you need fixed. Once the problem is adequately defined I will make some preliminary measurements. This will give me a basis for estimating a time frame and cost.

The expense incurred in estimating a repair will be part of the repair. Not an additional charge. I promise to maintain contact with you throughout this process so you Understand the Cost before a diagnosis is made. Guessing at car electrical problems helps no one. They take time to estimate accurately. Therefore, I ask that you pay for the initial evaluation if you decline the repair.

03/17/10 Brian G. – Insiderpages
“First of all, going into seeing these gentlemen with angst, was a stress of mine, especially not knowing the exact problem. Immediately after talking with both these guys and Jerry really trying to get down to the diagnostic part was rather assuring. The part that really made me feel comfortable and at ease was the constant update, checking in and the tranparency of how he was going to proceed with next steps and pricing. Jerry was very clear and quite assuring which gave me peace of mind and confidence in what they were doing. Keystone Auto Electrical is professional, flexible, understanding and a place I’d definitely reccommend and continue to use – they rock!! Thanks guys!”

When you elect to have me repair your car I will continue the work started earlier to it’s conclusion. I will then verify that the first measurements have returned to normal. I do this by repeating, usually many times, the conditions that triggered the issue. Your car is returned to you with a stable repair that is guaranteed.

Many times people think they need to sell their car because they believe an electrical issue won’t ever be fixed correctly, If you allow me to fix your car’s electrical problem it will stay fixed.

My name is Jerry and I would be glad to talk with you about your car’s electrical problem.

If it seems you just can’t get your car fixed, call 610-344-7796. We’ll fix it.

I Can Call You Too!

You can Write Me if it’s more convenient for you, but my preferred method of communication is a phone call. I get better insight into your auto electrical problems by talking with you. If you would like me to call you back, Write Me a note with your phone number, and I’ll call you during my normal day 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Mon. – Fri.

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