Car Battery Problems Fixed Here

Any car battery problem you have will be solved here.

You need your car to start. When your battery is not dependable it’s almost useless. As Auto Electrical Specialists we spend every day (over 35 years now) fixing car battery problems. If your car doesn’t start when you need it, consider calling us.

An ongoing battery drain is frustrating. Even more so when you pay to have it fixed and still wake up to a dead battery.

Intermittent battery draws are some of the most troublesome car battery problems to find. A battery draw may not be evident when your mechanic is looking at your car. But over time as you drive, vibration, temperature, or humidity can act on the system and aggravate a latent battery draw, causing you untold frustration.

When your regular repair facility is having trouble finding the cause of your car battery issue, call us.

04/18/08 J. L. West Chester, PA – Yahoo

“In early 2008 I developed electrical problems with my trusty Chrysler convertible. The battery light on the dashboard turned on, but the battery itself was tested okay. On the recommendation of a friend, I took the car to Keystone Auto Electric, near my home in West Chester, Pennsylvania. They diagnosed and fixed the problem in just a few hours, and treated me like an old family friend, which was certainly welcome after several difficult car problems. I highly recommend Keystone to anyone with electrical troubles.”

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If it seems you just can’t get your car fixed, call 610-344-7796. We’ll fix it.

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You can Write Me if it’s more convenient for you, but my preferred method of communication is a phone call. I get better insight into your auto electrical problems by talking with you. If you would like me to call you back, Write Me a note with your phone number, and I’ll call you during my normal day 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Mon. – Fri.

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