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The Check Engine Light Is Frequently Misunderstood

Even by good mechanics.

The Check Engine Light is frequently misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

Electronic engine control circuits are complex and can frustrate even well-trained mechanics.

It makes sense to have someone who Specializes in Auto Electrical Systems make sure your check engine light stays off.

The computers that govern your engine controls are very sensitive. They monitor every subsystem closely. When a fault sets the check engine light, it’s not always obvious. An auto electrical specialist gains a depth of knowledge many general mechanics won’t acquire. If your check engine light issue is beyond the usual, have Keystone Auto Electrical look at it. The outcomes are better.

11/11/09 Dakota - Google
My 2004 Dodge Dakota was at Firestone in Exton for a Check Engine light on. After replacing all the sensors and running additional diagnostics the problem continued to elude us. Firestone (great people by the way) suggested I take my truck to Jerry at Keystone Auto Electric. I spoke with Jerry and he explained that he would need to take a look at the truck to give me some sort of estimate. So for $85 (I think it was) I dropped the truck off to have Jerry assesses the situation and then give me the estimate for repair. Turns out, my problem was not so easy to diagnose and took Jerry a little longer then anticipated. Jerry kept me in the loop and was very thorough in his explanations as to what he was doing and were he was in the repair process. All said an done, it turned out my control panel was bad. This was a $400 part and Jerry had days of his time invested. My bill was somewhere just under $1,000 and I know Jerry lost money on me. I have nothing but praise for Keystone Auto Electrical and Jerry for their work and customer service. This is really a top notch and very thorough operation.

If it seems you just can’t get your car fixed, call 610-344-7796.
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Our time and experience is valuable.

We are willing to spend some of this time with you. Call (610) 344-7796 and ask for Jerry or Jim.

I Can Call You Too!

You can Write Me if it’s more convenient for you, but my preferred method of communication is a phone call. I get better insight into your auto electrical problems by talking with you. If you would like me to call you back, Write Me a note with your phone number, and I’ll call you during my normal day 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Mon. – Fri.

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